Pranks and Scandals

There are at least five threatened suspensions or expulsions (none of which were carried out) on this list. This includes two for editorial criticisms of the university in 1901 and 1906, two for allegedly obscene issues (Purple Ape in 1951 and Layboy in 1961), and the infamous Dead Bowlers prank in 1980.

1901 Chappie founding editor Bristow Adams “may be expelled for outspoken reply to university official's criticism of students and graduates”.

1906 Hammer & Coffin Society founder Morrie Oppenheim and Daily editor Ben S. Allen threatened with dismissal for criticizing “monitor system” in Encina Hall.

1951 Chaparral suspended for Purple Ape issue of Crash Comics, edited by future Palo Alto mayor Stan Norton. “There will be no June issue”.

1961 Chaparral suspended for Layboy parody issue, edited by future Stanford statistics professor Bradley Efron.

1965 picture of Chappie with San Francisco legend Carol Doda.

1973 Chappie publishes fake issue of Campus Report.

1974 Chappie Fiscal Responsibility issue was hastily re-layed out during pasteup. A story about person found dead in Memorial Church who had “laughed themselves to death” over the Chaparral had to be removed when it was learned that there had been an actual murder in the church that night.

1980 Chaparral initiates threatened with suspension over infamous Dead Bowlers prank on the Stanford Daily.

1981 “Who Shot RR?”, Chappie cover spoofing “Who Shot JR?” cliffhanger of Dallas TV series turns out to be not so funny when Ronald Reagan is shot.

1983 Chappie initiates add Mickey Mouse to clock at its dedication.

1985 Giant floating sheep appears in Big Game.

1986 Chappies file raw steak under “M” for meat in Daily file cabinet.

1986 Oski Bear – a stuffed Alaskan Kodiak bear – stolen for UC Berkeley. “I only know what I read in the papers,” said Jim Suhre, business manager of the Chaparral. “Do you know anything about it?”

1986 Pie Throwing at ASSU senate.

1989 Chappie publishes fake “Extra Election Edition” of the Daily claiming that the H&C slate won the Council of Presidents election.

1991 Chappie distribute fake map of Stanford campus during orientation.

1992 NY Times: “Students elected to seats on council hoping to abolish it.”

1994 Fake Daily covered by SF Chronicle.